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What Yoga Services we OFFER at Camp Hill & Brisbane Southside

Hatha Yoga & Vinyasa Yoga

Personalised / Private Yoga

Gentle & Beginners Yoga

Tantra Yoga & Meditation

Corporate Yoga - we come to you

“Real Yoga for over 40s”

Yoga Terminology Explained

YOGA = joining, union, integration, to become one.

HATHA = Ha is sun, Tha is moon – physical yoga which uses the body to transform – a perfect balanced form of yoga.

VINYASA = yoga postures linked together in a meditative flow.

ASANA = yoga physical posture which shows qualities and attitudes of steadiness & ease.

PRANAYAMA = the manipulation of breath to change the state of energy & mind – most important quality is to slow the breath to calm the mind & physiology.

TANTRA = yoga of energy leading to transformation of body, mind & emotions. Makes use of ritual, mantra(vibration) & yantra(sacred form).

AYUR (YOGA) = ayus/ayur means life, so yoga for life, incorporating the Indian health science of Ayurveda.

MANTRA = use of sound vibration to transform the mind – consider the sounds aaa, eee, ooo, mmm – how do they make you feel?

MEDITATION = a practice to bring a higher state of consciousness (even if momentary), with less every day mind wandering, helping to reduce stress & learning more about yourself at a deeper level.

GENTLE/BEGINNERS YOGA = combines movement drills, easier forms of yoga, breathing & relaxation to help condition the body & mind.

CORPORATE YOGA = taking yoga to the workplace or anywhere a yoga class could benefit people. Great for stress management, posture, health & improving well being.

PERSONALISED / PRIVATE YOGA = the traditional & best way to learn & progress with yoga – with the teacher working one on one with the student, being able to adjust the program to the student’s specific needs & goals.

RELAXATION is the key to practice

Why people over 40 need Yoga

Yoga is not just for young – as you get older yoga can help you stay strong & mobile… Yoga is a low cost health care practice.

Our Yoga System

Includes 5 key principles for health & well being:

1 Relaxation (R) is the basis of the practice & movement (moving with ease)

2 Core System (CS) for stability & balance

3 Alignment/Posture (AP) which is natural

4 Breathing (Br) to centre the practice

5 Meditation (M) for focus & calmness

“People for over 20 years report that they are amazed at how every single yoga class we teach is different… always something new to learn”


With our 25 years experience, yoga is adapted to your needs – easy to ninja level

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