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Yoga Classes (Hatha)

Camp Hill on Monday 9.30 am & Wednesday 7 pm Thursday 9.30 am & 6.30 pm at Parooba Ave Camp Hill Bookings Essential –

Term 1 2020 classes begin Mon 13th Jan 

Phone 07 3342 1480 / Contact Us

We teach Hatha Yoga (physical yoga) with many influences (see below) including ayur yoga. We focus on health, well being, strength, balance, mobility & variety.

We offer a range of Yoga Classes at Camp Hill:

Easier classes with lots of warm ups & body preparations suited to Beginners, Older, and those who want to take easy.

General Classes suited to all, offered in levels to cater for more experienced people also.

Strong & Simple Classes, no complex co-ordination required, suitable for sports people, men & couples.

We also offer yoga at other venues in southside Brisbane (see Yoga Timetable)

Yoga Classes are 60 minutes and include warm ups, yoga, breathing, energy exercises, awareness, relaxation, & sometimes meditation. You leave the class feeling calm, stretched, improved  vitality & a sense of well being…

Feel confident as Radhika & James are senior members of Yoga Australia, and Registered Yoga Therapists with Yoga Australia, & Australian Association of Yoga Therapists.

Yoga at Camp Hill follows School Terms and there are no classes on public holidays. START Yoga Classes at any time.

Camp Hill Yoga Pricing:

  • Casual $20
  • 10 Week term $165 (or Prorata)
  • Private $110 1 hour $55 1/2 hour

Visit our Youtube Yoga Plus Therapies Channel to see videos of our yoga style

Private Yoga

Are you frustrated with yoga practice…

Needing refinement to your yoga practice…

Would like to do yoga, but not in a group class…

Want to focus on a specific goal…

Then try PERSONALISED Yoga tuition with Radhika or James.

Go deeper with your practice, find new motivation, enjoy practice corrections which will take to where you want to go.

Pricing: $55 for 30 mins  $110 for 60 mins (Parooba Ave Camp Hill)

You can share the class with your partner

Call 07 3342 1480 /Contact Us

Corporate Yoga

We can come to you…

Needing Stress Management in the workplace…

Yoga for Health & Well Being in the Community…

Yoga at your Home…

We have 20 + years of experience working with businesses, hospitals, community organisations, residential complexes, fitness centres, and more.

Call Radhika to discuss your needs, and see if we can provide the yoga classes you need.

07 3342 1480 / Contact Us

Skype Yoga

Unable to get to our Brsibane Southside Classes…

Live in the country… or elsewhere…

No worries, why not try a personalised yoga class via Skype.

All you need is a Skype address, computer or other device with a camera, set so we can see each other.

We pre-arrange a time and payment, and you are ready to go. (If any problems with the connection, then we just reschedule)

Pricing: Only $55 for 30 minutes

Call Radhika NOW to see if this is an option for you  +61 07 3342 1480

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga means “Union or Integration”.

It is a process of developing self understanding, a path of AWARENESS, transformation… Yoga can be anything you want it to be which helps you & doesn’t harm others…

Research has found many benefits to yoga, which your own experience of practice will confirm.

When start yoga changes happen subtly. Its only when you stop practice you realise what you miss…

You gain connective tissue mobility (reducing body discomfort), strength & movement control, better breath co-ordination, improved posture,  better balance, you gain control over the nervous system, calming or stimulating when you need, you mind becomes more focused & aware, you learn to relax, you feel vitality and flow of energy, and find ways to bring balance to your emotions & stress.

And then there are the deeper aspects….

Beginners TIPs for Yoga

You don’t need to be flexible to begin yoga. You become more flexible with regular practice…

• Wear comfortable clothing you can move in freely.

• Yoga is practiced in bare feet.

• Use a comfortable mat, but not too thick as it can be unstable when standing & balancing.

• If injured or you have a medical condition, then let your teacher know. Follow the  Moving with Ease Process

• Don’t try to do everything at once. Focus on one thing at a time.

• Learn the movement, then correct the posture, then establish the breathing.

• It can be hard, but relax, and stay present with what you are doing.

• If something is difficult, keep practicing, as it will get easier…

Yoga Mastery / Mentoring

Come along for “Yoga Corrections”. Available as “one on one” sessions and small group workshops.

Learn to deeply refine your yoga practice. Focusing on just a few practices at a time. Learn the principles behind a yoga practice. Also great if you are struggling with a practice. Resolve internal conflicts about how you should be practicing.

Mentoring also available for Yoga Teachers NEW to teaching.

With simple yoga corrections you can gain mastery of your yoga…

BOOK NOW Phone 07 3342 1480 or email

What makes our Yoga Special

No set rules, rather we use principles & provide variations for you to get the most out of your practice

Here are some of the many influences to the yoga we teach

Ayurveda & Ayur Yoga


Indian Classical Dance

Qi Gong

Tai Chi / Martial Arts

Kalari Yoga



Yoga Class Camp Hill Address

Parooba Ave Camp Hill – Bookings Required Call 07 3342 1480

Phone 07 3342 1480 or  Contact Us

Camp Hill Yoga Classes