"Bones of Steel"

Yoga Course for Bones

About "Bones of Steel"

Do you have concerns about OSTEOPOROSIS?

Do you want to PREVENT Osteoporosis or Fratures – the complication associated with Osteoporosis?

Then this course may be what you are after…

This is a Yoga Course designed to teach you the principles of how to use yoga to help prevent osteoporosis & fractures.

The goal is to teach you life skills as well as ways to ADAPT your yoga practice, to get more from the practice to help you strengthen the bones ( & muscles).

If you already have Osteoporosis, then you will also learn ways to protect yourself when practicing yoga to help prevent fracture risk. This can include following simple rules such as avoid flexing the spine forward.

This Yoga CLasses are pesented by James – physiotherapist, senior yoga teacher, & yoga therapist. Assisted by Radhika – senior yoga teacher & yoga therapist.

The Classes will cover over 4 weeks:

1 Improving Posture: learning the essential neutral spine posture, and how to prevent “Hunched Back” posture

2 Strengthening your Spine: Build spinal strength the yoga way. Learning the unique way yoga can strengthen the spine with appropriate twisting.

3 Strengthening Hips & Thighs: Learn amazing practices to strengthen beyond squats… squats… squats…

4 Core & Simple Balances: learn simple balances & principles of core training.

Also learn self tests, and ways to intensify or modify your practice.

Supported with handout, yoga pictures, and yoga video of the practice.

You will learn a yoga routine you can practice & continue at home…

The class size is small, allowing time for questions & individual correction.

What’s more with yoga you gain WELL BEING…

Yoga, Bones & the Research

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Investment $88

Health Rebate maybe applicable  (Call for conditions)

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About Osteporosis & Osteopenia

Osteoporosis is a painless condition where your bones lose bone mass, due to an age related change in the way new bone is produced, and old bone is taken away. More is taken away than new bone produced, so you lose bone mass. Bone mass is only part of the picture however.

Osteoporosis is diagnosed when your bone mass T score is below – 2.5 meaning marked bone loss. Osteopenia is when your bone mass T score is below – 1 meaning minor bone loss.

The problem with Osteoporosis is a risk of fracture in the spine, hip, thigh (lesser risk in foot, shoulder & wrist). Fracture causes pain, and can affect your mobility, independence and life.


• Age

• Reduced bone mass

• Poor bone quality (exercise preserves bone quality)

• Hormones (affecting bone mass)

• Hyper-Kyphosis of the Middle back ie increased curvature

• Forward bending of the spine

• Poor Balance (increasing risk of falling) including factors which affect balance like medications, poor eye sight, poor foot wear

• Falling

• Anxiety & fear of falling (which can lead to falls)


• Have a good healthy bones diet ie enough Vitamin D, Calcium if low, Vitamin C (lots of fruit & vegies)

• Stay Physically Active – exercise most days of the week for 30 to 60 mins with a weight bearing exercise like walking

• Maintain good posture, & avoid forward bending

• Improve your balance & use support if you feel unsteady

• Manage hormones – see an endocrinologist

• Strength Training has been found to actually build bone – you need to train for 2 to 3 times per week for 30 mins. Even high load exercise has been found to be safe in a  supervised environment.

• Yoga has been found to increase bone mass and also improve bone quality. Yoga can also improve posture, possibly reducing Kyphosis and reducing spinal fractures. Yoga can also improve balance & reduce falls risk. Yoga has been found to reduce anxiety and also improve well being.  Yoga includes some rotation, which may help strengthen the front of  the spine (the part at risk of fracture). So yoga is a holistic form of exercise.

However, not all yoga is safe if you have osteoporosis. With osteoporosis you need to avoid forward bending of the spine, avoid inversions like head stand and shoulder stand, and keep your yoga safe by having a support close by if you feel unsteady & could fall.

Special “Bones of Steel” Yoga is best for osteoporosis, or working with a yoga therapist or senior yoga teacher who understands osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis can be prevented by caring for your bone strength when younger, and working on your strength, posture & balance, so you have less risk factors later in life.