Mindfulness is really another word for awareness – being aware in the present in a non judgemental way.
Awareness is like lamp. The mind & body have many parts, which remain unconscious until lit up by the lamp of awareness.

Most of our brain processing is unconscious. That which is conscious is only a small part of how we operate. Consider how you drive a car – our awareness is with what is going on around us, not with the process of driving the car. However, sometimes we may need to check – are we driving with tension & our chin poking forward?

Whats more, our brains work with many unconscious innate biases which we a blind to:
• Seeing Negative dominates over Positive.
• Confirmation Bias means we tend to see what supports our view or belief.
• Anchoring Bias means we tend to be influenced by what we last saw or heard.
• Authority Bias can make us follow Authority figures without properly questioning its validity.
• Reality Bias can make thing what see/perceive is real, but actually it is a construction with in our brains.
• Memory Bias can make us believe that our memories are unchanging and accurate, but this may not be the case.
Whats more are according to quantum theory – at the very small reality is change by us observing it.

We can operate unaware of these factors, but wouldn’t it be better to be more fully awake?

Mindfulness is the process to bring awareness – the light of consciousness to the present, helping us to identify our negative habits & unconscious biases, which may not be helping us. Most importantly it is to bring awareness with an attitude of openness, kindness, and non judgement to ourselves. 
In this way it allows us to have CHOICE…. the go with it or to choose another way…

This is really the process of yoga & freedom – to have choice available.

Just STOP Breathe & bring your awareness to the present – what is going on with in -your body, thoughts, biases, energy, what is going on without – the environment, media, other people, other perspectives or views…
It not hard or difficult… the hard thing is to simply remember to do it!