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What are Yoga Drills?

What are yoga drills?

Special practices designed for conditioning the body, to improve strength, mobility, core or breath control. Yoga Drills breaks down practices into simple components, so you can get better at each component and be better able to perform the more complex practice well.

How can they help your practice?

You get to focus on just a few postures or exercises at a time, repeating the practice many times, with time for recovery. The components are broken into smaller bite size pieces, making it easier to learn & gain more mastery over a practice. In this way you can build skill, strength & mobility to better perform the yoga practice.

How can they help your well being?

We all have individual symmetry, body imbalances, and strength & mobility differences. Yoga Drills allows you to work in a positive way on your weaker, stiffer, or less skilled areas. It can improve your movement self efficacy & confidence. Feeling stronger & more in control with your body can also help you feel better mentally. 

Yoga Drills are a great complement to your yoga practice, especially if you find you need to improve your strength, mobility or skill level.