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The Smiling Heart

Did you know that strong negative emotions, such as hostility, anger, depression, and anxiety may lead to heart stress & help precipitate heart problems?

In contrast, positive emotions may be considered a protective factor, especially for older people; and Improved emotional Intelligence is also associated with better health, well being & heart health.

What does this mean? Yes! Emotions matter for your well being & heart health!

One simple practice which can help comes from the Chinese Taoist / Buddhist tradition and is the called the INNER SMILE. Smiling can help transform how we feel – moving us towards more positive emotions. To do this practice, just imagine taking an inner smile. Feel the subtle smile around your face. Notice how smiling seems to open you & help you feel lighter. Maybe a warm, energised feeling. 

You can actually imagine any part of your body smiling. Try this: Relax, take a few slow deep breaths, in & out through your nose, then just imagine your own HEART smiling… Feel how it makes your heart feel….

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Enhance your health & wellbeing with inner smile meditation