"Stronger for Longer"

Stay Younger Longer

Strength Training keeps your Young & Well

You Strength Train You...

• Feel Great, Stay Strong & Mobile, Keep Good Posture, Stay Balanced, Manage Weight & Loose the Thickened Waist, Improve Blood Sugars, Perform Sport & Work Better, Reduce Body Aches & Pains and Live Life Well…..

To get Stronger you need to challenge your muscles, bones & connective tissue to tasks beyond every day activities:

Weights like Dumb Bells, Kettle Bells, Heavy Balls, Bags, Tyres – what ever you can imagine

Exercise Machines

Body Weight Exercises

Strength Bands

Lifting & Carrying

There are different Types of Strengthening:

Strength – the ability to lift or exert force

Power – the ability to exert force quickly such as throwing a ball or jumping

Elastic Power – ability to store energy & release it like an elastic band eg running

To Strengthen Safely & Effectively you need Principles:

Slow Progressive Overload – increase the load in small increments over time

Enough Challenge – so some fatigue by ther last reps of the exercise

Adapted to your needs – accomodate your fitness, age, health & injuries.

Recovery Time – not strength train again to recovered, as training causes microtrauma, which is what aids strengthening. Light training may only need a day, but intense training may need a week.

Be Comfortable & in Control


Personalised Strength Training Sessions at Camp Hill Brisbane

Learn how to STRENGTH TRAIN effectively & safely in 60 minute sessions.

Strength Training Adapted to your Needs.

Fun Moves & Variety of Options.

Body Weight Exercises

Strength Bands – including Power Bands


Tai Core Exercises

Power Moves

Elastic Power

Warm Ups & Cool Down Stretches with Yoga


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Strength Training can be GREAT for RECOVERY after Injury, Managing a Chronic Illness eg Diabetes or Arthritis, and Building Bone eg Osteoporosis...