"Strong for Life"

Strength Training for All

About Strength Training

Benefits of Strength Training

• You feel great

• You feel stronger

• Great for your joints

• Excellent for your bones

• Loose fat & improve metabolism

• Better Posture

• Helps your Sport

• Helps you recover, get over your injury, back, neck or shoulder pain

• It aids your health – heart health, blood sugar control, weight loss

• Women can really benefit – strength without muscle mass

• If you older, strength training can be your best friend

It can be fun, it doesn’t need to take too long, just 2 to 3 times per week for benefits…

Strength Training with Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can be a great way to get stronger. They are inexpensive, and easy to transport, you can even take with you when travelling – no gym required.

Research as shown resistance bands can benefit younger women, younger men, sports people, older adult, people with health conditions – strength training for all.

Resistance Bands have all the strength training benefits of other strength devices like weights, pulley’s, and machines, such as:

• Provides progressive resistance – so can intensify over time to get stronger

• Allows variable speed of movement

• Increases muscle strength

• Increases muscle size (less so for women)

• Decreases body fat

• Improves metabolism

with some additional benefits:

• Provide resistance in multiple directions – does not depend on gravity

• Simulate functional & sporting activities

• Provides variable resistance – this means the resistance gets stronger as the bands lengthen. This can increase intensity of the muscle action. 

• Resistance more like how muscles work

• Provides constant tension

• Can avoid cheating less momentum compared to free weights

• Fun to use and very practical

Improve strength in 6 to 7 weeks by 10 to 30%…

Holistic Strength Training

Functional training using bands or pulleys, is also called kinetic link training. It is a wholistic way to build strength to our body & core in a quick & efficient way. It is based upon the principle of integration training & connected anatomy. Why so quick and efficient?

In simplistic terms the body muscle system can be divided into:

INNER Unit – smaller muscles, nerves, & connective tissue fascia, concerned with posture, joint stability, spinal stability, pelvic stability, respiration and continence. These muscles primarily have an anti- gravity function, supporting against gravity.

OUTER Unit – larger muscles, nerves & connective tissue fascia, concerned with endurance, strength and power moves, in an integrated  3 dimensional way (kinetic link). They especially create & resist torque in ROTATION moves.

A classic example is the tennis serve, where the forces are transferred (kinetic link) from lower limb to upper limb to create a powerful stroke.

Muscles work in an integrated throughout the body to share load, and aid efficiency. Thus reducing wear tear load on the body.

The INNER & OUTER units also work together in an integrated way, all of which is controlled by the brain using sensory input and past training to produce smooth, powerful, or refined movements.

Additionally, our modern view of anatomy is that it is not isolated in regions ie shoulder or hip, but is connected neurologically, anatomically & biomechanically. This has been suggested by Thomas Myers with ‘Anatomy Trains’, and Vleeming & Lee with ‘Myofascial Functional Slings’.

4 main Myofascial Slings are described related to core stability:

DEEP LONGITUDINAL SLING – which is on both sides of the body and involves the muscles & fascia of the back, the gluts (buttocks), the back pelvic ligaments, hamstrings and outer calves & legs. An example of an exercise is the Wide Squat Overhead Swing – start in wide squat holding a dumb bell in front between your thighs, and as you straighten the knees, swing the dumbbell upward overhead in a smooth arc.

POSTERIOR OBLIQUE SLING – which crosses over the back body from the back shoulder, lats, back fascia, to opposite glut (buttock muscle). An exercise example is Lunge Row or Pull Down -starting in drop squat or lunge, then straightening upright as you pull the band back with your opposite arm.

ANTERIOR OBLIQUE SLING – which crosses over the front body from the outer obliques (waist muscles), the abdominal fascia to the opposite side hip adductors (inner thigh muscles). An example is a Side Lunge Pull – as you side lunge, pulling a band across the body with a straight arm.

LATERAL SLING – involves the lateral gluts of the hip on one side, and the opposite side waist muscles (quadratus lumborum), which keeps the pelvis level when standing on one leg. An example includes a 1 Leg Mini Squat – standing on 1 leg with dumb bell in opposite hand, and do a mini squat keeping the pelvis level.

Strength Training exercises can be developed using the principles of slings, and this is where resistance bands & pulleys are especially useful.

This type of strength training is fun, adds variety to training, can be done at home, trains in an integrated way, and can be helpful for many people including:

Older adults wanting to keep themselves strong

People wanting rehabilitation after injury

Fitness & Sports people to aid their performance

People with low back pain

And as another option for keeping your bones strong

To name a few…

It also makes a great strength compliment to yoga practice.

Come and learn how to do your HOLISTIC strength training using bands (which could be applied to pulleys) including some great exercises for keeping your bones strong.

Learn Strength Training the Easy Way (Resistance Bands & your own body weight)

1. 90 Minute Workshops

a. New to Strength Training: Learn the basics of bands strengthening with individual exercises for lower limbs, upper limbs & core

Date: TBA

Investment – $33  Bands/Door Hooks available for purchase

Parooba Ave Camp Hill

b. Want to go deeper & learn you tricks: intermediate strength training learning to combine lower limb, upper limb and core together in an integrated way

Date: TBA

Investment: $33  Bands/Door Hooks available to purchase

Parooba Ave Camp Hill

2. Small Group Class - Strength Training with Bands (& More)

5 week once per week training sessions to learn learn & feel confident with the basics of strength training with bands.

Grip Strength Test & Posture Check included

Learn HOLISTIC Strength Training for the CORE & Whole Body (see below)

Learn additional strength exercises for bone health

Learn recovery strategies to aid your strength progression

Small Group only (6 people)

Date: Wed 6th October 5.45 pm

Investment: $110  Bands/Door Hooks available to purchase

Parooba Ave Camp Hill

3. Personalised Session

1 hour sessions where you are individually supervised to help you build confidence, and have the strength training exercises adapted to your specific needs.

This especially suited if you have a an injury, musculoskeletal issue, or health issue.

Health Insurance rebates may apply if you have health condition which can be benefitted by strength training.

Phone to book a time suitable to you…   07 3324 1480

Workshops, Classes, & Personalised Sessions with James Bone, Physiotherapist/Yoga Therapist, 18 years training people with bands, and author of Stronger for Longer.

What you will learn in all these trainings

• Learn a unique warm up routine which gets you going quickly

• Discover the 7 magic principles of strength training (with bands)

• Develop confidence in your ability to strength train for life

• Learn the key strength training exercises – so every part of your body feels stronger

• Feel strength training like never before – bands work you muscles hard, but pleasing way

• Feel the Well Being of being Stronger

Why Strength Train?

Between the age of 30 & 40 everyone begins to loose muscle & bone mass. This is preventable through staying active and exercise. Strength Training can be a simple, time efficient way to stop this decline.

If you are over 40 you should be considering to include strength training in your exercise routine.

If your over 60 it really should be an essential part of your life, if you desire to live long with good quality of life.  Being 80, weak, immobile and unable to enjoy the things you like, can be pretty miserable.

Take action NOW to prevent this happening.

Strength training can preserve your posture and help prevent the curvature of old age.

It can preserve your balance, and prevent disabling falls later in life.

It can keep you powerful… enjoying life… playing sport… staying active with the family, especially the young ones… doing what you love…

And all it takes is less than a hour per week!

Did you know…

Australians maybe living longer but over half of them will have a chronic condition which impacts upon the quality of their life. The problem is expected to balloon out. Most of the chronic conditions are preventable, and prevention is the only way to effectively deal with the problem.

ABC Post Weighty, poor diet, physical inactivity to blame for Australians getting sicker  We 20 Jun 2018

Strength Training is one place to start on your living healthy journey…