Private Yoga

Private Yoga (Brisbane Southside)

Private yoga is the traditional way of learning yoga. You learn yoga one on one with your teacher or mentor.
In this way the yoga is personalised to your goals & needs, adapted for your health & fitness, work with your injuries or limitations, and each session can be adjusted and individualised for what you need on the day.

It’s only you, or you and a small group of friends, family or colleagues (up to 4 max). No large groups or classes where the yoga meets the needs of the group, not you.

We offer Private Yoga Classes (Yoga one one one with your teacher)  in Brisbane Southside at our Camp Hill Studio. This could also include private hatha yoga classes.

You get to practice in a calming, purpose built yoga studio, with all the yoga tools you need. We can supply mats even, or you can bring your own. It’s good to use your own as it becomes a friend in your yoga practice.

We ask, we listen, we can have discussions, we guide, we support you, we keep you on track,  we respect your body where it is & don’t force things, and we don’t rush you. You can speak in privacy & it is honoured with respect. We teach yoga as a practice, and also as a well being lifestyle. Your life can be busy & with demands from work, responsibilities, & family. Yoga is a way to keep balance in body, mind, energy, & lifestyle, to keep going well, but is also a way to TRANSFORM. This means we can keep you moving from A to B. Things you couldn’t do at the start, you can now do, and that includes body, mind and other levels of wellbeing.

What’s more the private yoga lessons are affordable…  We offer 30 minute sessions ($55) to keep the price down, and 60 minute sessions ($110) are available, for those who want more.

Why Us?

We have experience – over 23 years with yoga (including meditation, tai chi and ayurveda). You can have an option of a male or female yoga teacher. We are both Senior Members of Yoga Australia, and registered Yoga Therapists with Yoga Australia (YA) and Australasian Association of Yoga Therapists.

We have worked with people just like you, and our clients stay with us. This is what they say.

Radhika has back ground in yoga, education & teaching, ayurveda, tantra, dance & Tai Chi.

James has background in yoga, physiotherapy, human movement, martial arts, tantra & ayurveda.

Our yoga has many influences, but is based around Hatha Yoga.

With yoga you can discover tools you can use for life. Yoga benefits include:

√ Relax deeply

√ Learn to remain calm when all around is in turmoil

√ Improve your activity – many golfers, runners, & sports people find yoga helpful

√ Reduce your worry

√ Free up your back stiffness

√ Mobilise yourself – help those stiff or arthritic areas

√ And much more!

Why Private Yoga?

In each individual personalised yoga session / lesson the class is adapted for what you need on the day:

If you are feeling stressed out, then we can do practices which are calming & soothing, including slow deep breathing & deeper relaxation.

If your energy is feeling low, we can do things to pep you up.

If feeling tense, we can find ways to release the tension.

If you want to improve something, we can focus the yoga around your goal.

If you think you can’t meditate, we can teach you how…


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Private Yoga is not personal training, where you are paying some one to push you to your limits.   

In private yoga  you are paying to help access your inner strength, and find balance in your life, building awareness, better breathing,  powerful transforming practices, stress management, and  finding connections to your deeper self.