Is Pain Limiting You? Not performing at 100%?

Help Reduce Pain,  Stress, Tension, & Improve Performance

Tim James Bone has 30 years experience helping people like YOU.

Help Reduce Pain, Stress, Tension, & Improve Performance…

Physiotherapy, including Bowen, Yoga, Exercise, Strengthening, & Education

Camp Hill Brisbane Location

B Sc (Human Movement) B App Sc (Physiotherapy) Dip (Bowen) Adv Cert (Ayurveda, Yoga)


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Camp Hill Brisbane

I can Help with

Pain Conditions

Back, neck, shoulder, forearm, hip, knee, ankle, foot, jaw

Therapy, exercise, education & change your movement habits.

Arthritis /Osteoporosis Solutions

Management with strengthening, exercise, taping, support, education, & restore confidence.

Over load Conditions

Doing too much too soon. Tendon, running, sports issues. Education, find ways to reload body, and get back to your activity.

Yoga Corrections

Improve your yoga technique, reduce strain on your body, progress your practice with more ease.

Exercise, Yoga & Support for your Condition

Respiratory, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart, other

What you can expect during a therapy session...


I combine my unique techniques, including Physiotherapy, Bowen Therapy, & the wisdom of Yoga to help pain & get you moving quickly.


We discover the “hows” & “whys”  to your pain, and what you can do to help.

Boutique Service

I give 100% of my time to you during your session, so we can truly understand your story & your pain.


We work out a program to support you for the long term.

What is helpful to know


Pain is protective & occurs when there is a change in the threshold of your body tissues ie more sensitised, so the brain can trigger the pain response more easily.  Pain in itself is NOT a direct indicator of injury or pathology. Understanding can  help pain.

More about Pain…


Holding (often unconscious) tension in your muscles, can contribute to pain & strains.


Muscles can become inhibited (turned off) leading to lost performance.


Stress is a (& often ignored) major contributor to pain, tension, & poor well being. Your problem can re-appear, if stress is not addressed.


Loading is the (often unknown) factor, which needs to be modified to help resolve your pain. Causes can be: Doing too much too soon… such as quick changes in sport or exercise Long slow overloading… such as poor posture Under loading… such as being too sedentary  

Great relief for your Pain, Movement Problem, or Stress Condition...

1 hour Physiotherapy Sessions  $105 ($95 Concession)

Regain Body & Mind Well Being

with Bowen, Breathing, Yoga, Strength Training…

Bowen Therapy

Be transformed with this deeply relaxing therapy, which restores balance to the nervous system, aids recovery & pain relief. Bowen Therapy is a gentle soft tissue release technique, with pauses between to aid nervous system processing.

Yoga (Yoga Therapy)

There is no better self management tool than yoga to release deeply held tension & stress, and help you move to a place of well being, & improved performance. Use yoga breathing exercises to bring you centered & calm. Use deep relaxation to release held tensions. Use powerful yoga practices to build strength & graceful movement. And find a meditation practice to transform you.

Strengthen the easy way

To be strong is to be well. To be able to perform well. To prevent all the adverse effects of ageing. Strengthening keeps your muscles, connective tissue, joints & bones strong & well. Learn great ways to prevent osteoporosis, and prevent the health issues of modern day…