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HI I am James

Your local Camp Hill Physiotherapist for over 25 years.

I am not just your normal physio:

Not only is my approach gentle, gives you time, listens to your story & goals, and focuses is on non drug / non surgical physiotherapy approaches, but I also provide complementary tools such as Bowen Therapy, Exercise, and Yoga.

You might like to know a little about me:

I have Bachelor in  Science (Human Movement), Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy), and Diploma in Bowen Therapy.

I AHPRA registered, member of Australian Physiotherapy Association and Senior & Yoga Therapist Member of Yoga Australia.

I have worked in Albury base Hospital, Victoria & Queensland Community Health, Private Practice, Locums including Defence, and my own Private Practice now for over 25 years.

I also have a passion for MOVEMENT since I was young:

All my life I have interest in movement from Martial Arts, Tai Chi & Qi Gong, Running, Bush Walking, Dance, Gardening, Kayaking, Yoga and much more.

Check out our Leafy Calm Physiotherapy Clinic & Yoga /Exercise Studio

The Boutique Physiotherapy Clinic & Yoga Studio is located in Camp Hill

We have a small clinic in Camp Hill with one private relaxing treatment room and a attached Yoga Studio & Exercise Area.

There is nice green cool under cover waiting area.

We take cash & card payments, but there is no HIghcaps – we give you a receipt to claim for health insurance through your mobile app (or other way)

Physiotherapy Fees: For up to 60 minutes (depending on your needs) $150

$110 for eligible concessions eg pension or seniors/health concession card

Medicare (under medically referred chronic disease program) & Health Insurance Rebates may apply.

CLINIC Hours: By Appointment

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday am

As a physiotherapist we help you to manage PAIN, many CHRONIC DISEASES, MOVEMENT, BREATHING, and TENSION Management.

Physio’s understand Pain:

Helping you find ways to reduce pain through movement, strength training, tension management & relaxation, clearer understanding of the pain process, and the power of touch & manual therapy.

Common pain areas include: the neck & shoulders, elbow, wrist, thumbs, the outer hips, the front hip, the knee. the ankle, the heel & sole of the foot, and of course the spine, pelvis & back…

Sometimes you can experience whole body pain like with Fibromyalgia, or nagging pain that doesn’t go away like Chronic pain.

Physio’s also work with Chronic Disease:

• Managing your Arthritis

• Reducing Osteoporosis issues through better posture, balance & bone strength

With James extra training in HUMAN Movement along with Physiotherapy he can help you with your MOVEMENT

• Help you move freer for that GOLF swing

• Build strength for that TENNIS back hand

• Keep you RUNNING as you get older

• Correct that YOGA posture that never feels right

• Keep you able to tackle those STAIRS each day

• Help you feel SAFER walking as you get older due to loss of balance

• Reduce that stiffness bending down in the garden

• Help you DANCE through out your life

• Maintain your FITNESS

• Keep you STRONG in body and bones

• KEEP you Moving so you can enjoy life to the fullest

Due to James physiotherapy and additional experience & training in Yoga, he can help you with breathing, Tension & Stress Issues.

• Correct Poor Breathing Habits, Diaphragm Function, improve your Cardio and so you can better manage things like asthma and chronic lung diseases

• Learn to breathe the most optimal way

• Learn to RELAX reduce your muscle TENSION

• Find better ways to manage STRESS

James Therapies may Include:

Hands ON: Manual Therapy, Massage, Acupressure, Bowen Therapy – this can give short term relief & improve your feelings of well being

James has additional training in Bowen Therapy – a gentle hands on approach

Loading TIPS

Movement TIPS

Rest & Recovery TIPS

Health & Wellness TIPS

Pain Management TIPS including MINDSET (beliefs) changes  STORY

Correct USE of HOT & COLD

Tension Management

Strength Training

Mobility Exercises

Stability, Balance & Co-ordination exercises


Tai Chi Qi Gong

Breathing, Relaxation, Meditation

James treats each person INDIVIDUALLY.

When you come to physiotherapy James is not treating your condition, James is treating you as an individual holistically. There is NO system like treatment for a condition, such as Mc Donalds uses to make hamburgers.

For example there is no one way to treat back pain and as every persons back pain is unique…

When you visit a physiotherapist like James we use something called CLINICAL DECISION MAKING. This considers your needs, the things we find on assessment, the evidence based guidelines & research, and experience of the practitioner.

What this means is that James listens to your story, medical history & goals and through Clinical Decision Making process comes up with a plan you agree to, that may best meets your INDIVIDUAL needed goals. This is a TEAM thing with you as the key player.

It may also involve other team players like your doctor, a specialist doctor, an acupuncture doctor, a dentist, a nutritionist, a counsellor or other health professional. James may discuss with you about referral to other supports if needed.

Additionally James may discuss with you other strategies that work on improving your Health & Well Being in general, such as Staying Active & Moving, CARDIO, Non Sleep Deep Rest for recovery, Sleep, Circadian Rhythms & sun light, MIndSet & beliefs and Tension Management.

For those concerned about COVID & Flu there are Good Infection Measures in place including mask wearing.


Musculoskeletal Pain

Ease Back, Neck, Hip, Knee, Foot, Shoulder, Arm pain


Aid Stress, Asthma, Chronic Airways Disorder


Get stronger, more mobile, ease, comfort


Solve those yoga issues


Exercise is a gold standard solution


Prevent falls, improve posture, get stronger

Frequently asked questions

How can yoga help as therapy?

Yoga is a holistic system which includes awareness building, breathing, relaxation, conditioning & mobility practices, designed to build well being & health. It can a be a great complement to restoring health or managing a condition.

What is Bowen Therapy?

Is a gentle hands on treatment developed by Tom Bowen, which works on your nervous sytem to help you deeply relax, aid in well being, and the healing process. It is a great complement to your therapy process.

How much treatment will I need?

This depends on your health, age, the problem, and whether it is an acute or chronic condition.

Are there non medication ways to manage pain?

Yes! Understanding about pain, reducing stress & tension, breathing, relaxation, exercise & movement, hands on treatments like mobilising, acupuncture/acupressure, heat & cold, and support can all be ways to help manage pain. It depends on the type of pain, as to what may work best.

How much do I need to be involved to get better?

The therapy process is a partnership between you & your therapist.

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