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James physiotherapy is a modern evidence informed approach which gets results for movement improvement, better breathing, reduced musculoskeletal pain, solving yoga issues, and effective exercise therapy for chronic conditions.

James approach is unique. He gives you one hour of individualised attention, in a relaxed, calm, clean, leafy & friendly environment. The focus is on non drug approaches and complemantary tools such as Bowen Therapy, Exercise, and Yoga.

Investment is great at only $110 for hour ($99 concession). 

Medicare (Under Medical Care Plan) & Health Insurance Rebates may apply.

Find the Right Balance

Therapy is a dynamic process to help reach your goals & return to well being.

It is a process of learning & growing understanding about yourself, your body, and more. Getting your mindframe in a positive place.

It can involve a process of experimentation to work out what works best for you.

It is about finding balance in your life to aid recovery:

• the balance between rest/relaxation & activity.

• the balance between doing enough to get positive change, but not too much to set you back.

• Balnce in your lifestyle & diet



Musculoskeletal Pain

Ease Back, Neck, Hip, Knee, Foot, Shoulder, Arm pain


Aid Stress, Asthma, Chronic Airways Disorder


Get stronger, more mobile, ease, comfort


Solve those yoga issues


Exercise is a gold standard solution


Prevent falls, improve posture, get stronger

Frequently asked questions

How can yoga help as therapy?

Yoga is a holistic system which includes awareness building, breathing, relaxation, conditioning & mobility practices, designed to build well being & health. It can a be a great complement to restoring health or managing a condition.

What is Bowen Therapy?

Is a gentle hands on treatment developed by Tom Bowen, which works on your nervous sytem to help you deeply relax, aid in well being, and the healing process. It is a great complement to your therapy process.

How much treatment will I need?

This depends on your health, age, the problem, and whether it is an acute or chronic condition.

Are there non medication ways to manage pain?

Yes! Understanding about pain, reducing stress & tension, breathing, relaxation, exercise & movement, hands on treatments like mobilising, acupuncture/acupressure, heat & cold, and support can all be ways to help manage pain. It depends on the type of pain, as to what may work best.

How much do I need to be involved to get better?

The therapy process is a partnership between you & your therapist.

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