You can RELAX now - Physiotherapy to EASE PAIN

Yoga plus Therapies (ayur Yoga)

Hi I’m James

Your Holistic Physiotherapist, with a flair for Yoga Therapy, Exercise, Bowen Therapy and with over 33 years experience.

Lets Be Honest!

The best results occur when you can do your part…

I know it can be difficult so thats why I am here to give you support.

Research & my client successes have shown the following really helps:

MOVING & EXERCISE can be an essential part of recovery. Only you can do the MOVING.

Changing how you do things, such being less sedentary or adjusting to how you load (doing too much) your body can also help.

Reducing INFLAMMATION can also help. This may require lifestyle changes, dietary changes, reducing exposure to toxins and weight management.

Reducing STRESS through awareness of your triggers and techniques to let the stress go can help.

Finally quality SLEEP is important to recovery. Are you getting enough?



Your in trouble with PAIN or a MOVEMENT / BREATHING Problem!

James Physiotherapy may have an answer for you by:

LISTENING to your story

Answering your Questions

Giving Tips & Support

Helping Unravel What is Going On

Giving You the Latest Treatment along with Great Wisdom from the Past

Resetting the Body with Bowen Therapy & Deep Relaxation

Correcting Dysfunctions

Offering you the cutting edge Pain Management including Neuroscience Tools

Teaching you how to MOVE with EASE


Feel Energetic, Staying Younger for Longer, Free of Stiffness, Aches & Pains!

My Physio can help with:

Musculoskeletal Pain

Chronic Conditions - Diabetes, Heart, Breathing, dizziness

Arthritis & Osteoporosis

Over doing it & Wear & Tear

Chronic Pain ie Back / Fibromyalgia / TMJ / Headache

Sport, Running & Yoga Related Problems

Bowen Therapy

A Beautiful Relaxing & Gentle System of Body Work to RESETT the body & aid healing. Developed by Tom Bowen from Victoria last century.

Exercise Therapy

Using exercise & movement to help with managing injury or chronic diseases. It includes movement control, aerobic, stength, mobility, power, connective tissue, and elastic power exercises.

Yoga Therapy

A Holistic System of Health Care based on Ancient Yoga which focuses on building well being & resilence of person rather than treating a specific disease. The yoga practices are adapted for the medical condition.

Do you want to do your yoga better?

Do you want to move better?

Do you want to play your sport better?

Do you want to be the best you can be?

A Personalised Physio/Yoga Therapy session can help:

Learn the 3 important skills to do it well:

1 Correct mind frame

2 Correct Conditioning

3 Correct Skills – small muscle control, relaxation in movement, sensory, balance, awareness – where to focus