Physiotherapy - Lose the Pain, Move with Ease

Yoga plus Therapies (ayur Yoga)

Hi I’m James

Your holistic physiotherapist, with a flair for Yoga Therapy, Exercise, Bowen Therapy and with over 30 years experience.

Lets get YOU:

Facilitating your RECOVERY

Moving better (& with less stiffness)

Feeling fitter & stronger

Breathing well & feeling more relaxed…

Feeling more upright & stable (posture & core)

Making friends with your pain, & finding ways to lose the pain

For excellent results…

Physio is like a good friend as it gives support to you & your body. Physio addresses the deficits & gets you going.

I take it step further and try to address the cause of the issue in a holistic way.

I listen to your story, assess thoroughly, explain things to you in way you can understand and discuss things so you feel understood.

I provide physio using tools which are more HOLISTIC and are GENTLE & painless, such as Bowen Therapy, Mobilisation, Soft Tissue Release, along with Yoga Therapy & Exercise as Medicine.

Holistically we also look at chronic conditions, persistant pain, lifestyle issues & long term health & well being.

Sometimes this may need referring to other health professionals to add to your support.

I provide physio which is especially tailored to older bodies…

Physiotherapy is essential for your health and is OPEN!!!

However you must not attend physiotherapy if you feel unwell or have COVID 19 symptoms such as cough, sore throat, fever or shortness of breath. Call your doctor for guidance.

You will be provided hand sanitiser to use before & after therapy.

Only one person is seen at a time & waiting area is outside.

All physiotherapy hands, equipment, table, linen, & touch surfaces are cleaned after each client. 

Also Online Physiotherapy Sessions are available to existing clients via ZOOM. Phone for details on 3342 1480.

My Physio can help with:

Musculoskeletal Pain

Chronic Conditions - Diabetes, Heart, Breathing, dizziness

Arthritis & Osteoporosis

Over doing it & Wear & Tear

Chronic Pain ie Back / Fibromyalgia / TMJ / Headache

Sport, Running & Yoga Related Problems

Common Aggravating Symptoms

Stress – chronic stress is bad for health & your pain.

Tension – unconscious holding may aggravate pain.

Inflammation – an immune response which is part of healing, but can also greatly increase pain.

Trauma – triggers issues in your body/mind & aggravates pain.

Over Doing It – over loading your body can be a factor towards pain.

Weakness/Muscle turned off – with no muscle support your body can feel more at threat, and aggravate pain.

Not enough rest – no recovery for your body.

Physio can HELP you correct these aggravating issues 

Physiotherapy Definitions


Pain is not simple. It occurs when your brain senses DANGER in your body and ACTION is required. So pain acts as a PROTECTOMETER for you. Inflammation, stress, tension, anticipation of pain, low mood, and many other factors can affect your pain protectometer. This means pain is not a direct measure of body tissue damage, but rather a measure of danger & what your brain thinks about it ie an Xray can show joint damage, but you feel little pain ie low danger, or it can show minimal damage & you feel lots of pain if your brain feels danger. Pain can learn ie Chronic pain (pain for more than 3 months) is how the pain pathways & brain have changed to better express the pain signal.

The best way to deal with pain is to understand pain… Pain can be unlearnt but it takes time & work…

The brain has a powerful ability to dampen danger signals  – slow yoga breathing can be one way to activate this.

Bowen Therapy

A deeply relaxing HOLISTIC therapy, which restores balance to the nervous system, aids recovery & pain relief. It is s a gentle soft tissue release technique, with pauses between to aid nervous system processing.

Yoga Therapy

Using the holistic tools of yoga such as breathing, yoga postures, relaxation & meditation, mudra & mantra, to help you recover or better manage your condition. Yoga can be transforming as it works on body, mind & breath.

Exercise as Medicine

Exercise can improve mobility, strength, core, heart health, blood sugar, weight management, and mental well being. Movement is one of the best ways to reduce discomfort.  It is an essential part of good recovery or management of your condition.

Over Doing It

Doing too much, too soon, without enough recovery is a common cause of body pain – this is common in some work, sport, running & yoga.

Better self awareness & management, which you learn in yoga can help reduce this risk.

Being Sedentary & Sitting too Much

This is a major health risk, and a cause of weak core & body in general, especially as we get older. It can lead to back pain & body discomfort.

The SOLUTION is simple – MOVE MORE…

Do you want to do your yoga better?

Do you want to move better?

Do you want to play your sport better?

Do you want to be the best you can be?

A Personalised Physio/Yoga Therapy session can help:

Learn the 3 important skills to do it well:

1 Correct mind frame

2 Correct Conditioning

3 Correct Skills – small muscle control, relaxation in movement, sensory, balance, awareness – where to focus