Go Deeper with Meditation

Go Deeper with Meditation

112 ways of meditation are described in the ancient text called the Vignana Bhairava Tantra. There is sure to be one for You!

Whatever you are doing, immerse your awareness completely in to that experience…


Yoga as a practice, is composed of Physical Practices (asana, mudra, bandha), Breathing & Energy Work (pranayama), Relaxation (Pratyahara, Yoga Nidra), and MEDITATION…

Meditation is NOT just about stopping your thoughts, but is quite simple & easy…

It is a 4th state of consciousness besides being awake, sleeping or dreaming, where you create space – space between you, your body and your mind. It is like coming home to your self, restoring your centre and it is a place of healing. Meditation helps you to see your limited thinking or consciousness, and discover your unlimited nature.

Meditation is really good for YOU… Enhancing your awareness and your consciousness…

It feels good… It reduces stress and restores your inner harmony… your brain works better… more coherence… it helps you perform better…and it aids with your healing…

Our default state is MIND WANDERING, and when the mind wanders we can tend to be less happy as our mind is busy analysing the past & predicting for the future. It is part of our survival mechanism & this can cause STRESS. When we meditate our minds become more focused with contemplative states of consciousness. With practice this can lead to decreased arousal & the stress response, better self regulation of ourselves, better mental & physical well being, more healthy behavioural choices ie eat better. It can increase incidence of “FLOW” where you feel more “one” with the activity you are doing, it may aid spiritual elements such as feeling hope, more connected, & meaning with life, and can even be life transforming for some.

There are many ways to MEDITATE; one is not better than another, rather it is what method works best for you. In its simplest way is to just stop & be aware…

You can meditate in 3 key ways:

• With Awareness – sometimes called Mindfulness

• With Vibration called Mantra

• With Visualisation

Meditation is a cyclic process… where your attention becomes absorbed… and then your attention wanders… this is a normal process. Sometimes your attention becomes absorbed for only moments… but you are still meditating.

This is the common mistake people make with meditation, thinking they can’t meditate, because they didn’t realise they may have meditated in a brief moment. This is why it is important to learn meditation with a teacher to check and see what you are experiencing, and best refine your practice.

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The 5 Meditation Principles:

1 Have an Intention – motivation or reason to practice – to keep the mind involved

2 Correct Mind frame – an attitude of allowing, letting what will happen happen, & a sense of curiosity

3 Relaxation – do the body scan relaxation

4 Regular Practice – preferably daily even if only for 3 minutes

5 Practice – with an observer mind, focusing the mind, be aware of mind wandering, allow yourself to go deeper, be mindful that the moments of meditation can be short, & self reflect after

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