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Living is about experiencing all life has to offer and this of course includes many ups & downs; good times and bad times… Yoga can be a way to help deal with these turbulences in your life. Yoga can help pull you up when feeling down, and keep you grounded when pushing too hard.

Yoga Skills to try:

BE OPEN & AWARE by checking in with yourself throughout your day. 
How are you feeling in body, mind & energy? How are you reacting to the world? Is it helpful or hindering?

STOP & BREATHE SLOWLY, to CALM yourself regularly through the day. 
PAUSE & Breathe SLOWLY in & out through your Nose. Let  go of any tension with a long exhale…

GROUND YOURSELF if feeling too stuck in your head eg too many thoughts, desires, negative thinking or worries. 
Bring your awareness back into the body. Feel your feet or sit bones grounded. Find STABILITY within. OR HELP someone else with a problem.

CENTRE YOURSELF when starting a new project or action.
Bring your awareness to your breath (or bring hands together at your heart in namaste). Become fully PRESENT in the NOW.

TAKE TIME TO RELAX and find SPACE in your day.
Do something relaxing you love…
Listen to music or the sounds of nature…
Try calming breathing for 5 minutes…
Relax your body from head to toes…
Try some relaxing yoga, tai chi or qigong…
Meditate… Become absorbed in something, where you become one with your body and lose awareness of time – time appears to disappear…
Give yourself some GREEN time in nature…

MOVE THROUGHOUT YOUR DAY, staying mobile, balanced & strong.
Challenge your self with some enjoyable movement.

SELF REGULATE by calming yourself when stressed, tense, overwhelmed, anxious, angry, or emotional.
Recognise your distress, then moderate using the practices described above, until you feel back in control. Also recognise when you need external HELP or SUPPORT.

REMEMBER MODERATION, finding balance between extremes.

Check that it fits with what you VALUE… That it feels right with your HEART & not just your HEAD or EGO.