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Is your Diaphragm Muscle holding you back?

We hear so much about CORE in the social media, but almost nothing about the most important core muscle, the Diaphragm. This muscle is your best friend… Without it you can’t breathe… And you know what that means – blue lips & not a lot of living.
This thin dome-like muscle is hidden away under the ribs, dividing the rib cage from the abdomen. Nerves from the neck send signals for it to contract & relax. This is automatic, but you can also consciously control it with awareness on your breathing.
Inhaling occurs when the diaphragm contracts & moves down. This places pressure on your abdomen. This is part of the core mechanism. Exhaling occurs when the diaphragm relaxes and moves back up.
Like all muscles:
√ The diaphragm can become tense – it can fail to fully relax, & so restricts exhaling. This also means you may not be inhale properly. Yep, that could mean shallow breathing, a tension feeling, & maybe less energy & get up and go. Why does this occur? Maybe Chronic stress & unresolved emotions.
√ The diaphragm can become weak – this means it fatigues quicker & so you lose breathing efficiency; yep, those tired legs pushing up the hill may be a weak diaphragm. Why does this occur? Maybe from being too sedentary or having a respiratory disorder.
√ The diaphragm may not move well co-ordinating with your movement – this means it doesn’t support your core properly. Yep, that means lifting or that Deadlift in the gym doesn’t feel as good as it could. Maybe there is even a little back ache.  Why does this occur? Maybe from bad habits such as holding the breath too much.
TRY THIS SIMPLE TEST: Place a tape around your lower chest. Exhale fully and measure, then inhale fully and measure. What is the difference between the exhale measure & the inhale measure? Do this 3 times and take the average. Is the difference 7 cm or more? This is considered normal. Do you feel you need to work on your diaphragm?

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