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Tai Core

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Tai Chi like principles. A great class for balance, CORE, posture, strength, breathing, and includes Meditation.

Also helpful for people with arthritis and wanting to reduce falls risk.

Learn with an experienced and teacher in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Mon 14th Jan, 11am at Parooba Ave Camp Hill
Presented by Radhika Randall 30 + Years experience teaching Tai Chi

Only $135 for 9 lessons (or prorata)  $20 casual Phone to book for classes  07 3342 1480

Tantra Meditation Workshop

You may not think it , but everyone can learn to meditate.

The first thing to learn is what meditation is & isn’t. Meditation doesn’t mean a blank mind, you can’t just stop the chatter of thoughts. Instead you use a simple process to create conditions of calmness. A beautiful Tantric book describes 112 wonderful ways to do this. One is sure to be just right for you…

Establish a beautiful meditation practice using simple Tantra techniques.

Regular practice can lead to a calmer more focused you, reduce stress and deepen your spiritual practice.

Meditation can be transformational…

Presented by Radhika & James
To be advised. $33
Parooba Ave Camp Hill

Bookings essential call 07 33421480

Yoga Nidra - Deep Relaxation

Enjoy this relaxing 90 minute workshop, learning how to incorporate Deep Relaxation Yoga Nidra into your lifestyle.  Suitable for all.
Especially helpful to:

• Deeply reduce stress & tension

• Calm & soothe the nervous system

• Promotes deep relaxation ( A common observation after practice is “I”ve never felt that relaxed!”)

• May help with trauma, PTSD, sleep deprivation, anxiety, chronic pain & much more

• Well Being!!!

What you will learn:

The 3 step process of Yoga Nidra

Learn 6 Senses Awareness Exercise

Calm deeply with 3 special breathing practices

A simple but deep Yoga Nidra practice you can do in 25 to 30 minutes…

Presented by Senior Yoga Teacher Radhika Randall (assisted by James Bone)
Date – To be advised
Investment $33

Repeat of the first successful workshop

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