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Yoga 2020 Challenge

Let’s make a big splash for 2020 & try our new YOGA CHALLENGE 2020
Give your yoga some new spice with a baker’s dozen of yummy challenges to complete between Feb 9 to June 21 (Yoga International Day).  CLICK below to open PDF File then print. Everyone will benefit, but YOU could be the one to win the incentive gift. 

Yoga for moving with less pain & more ease

Move with “aHaa” not “ouch”…
7th March 1.30 to 3.30 pm at Om Yoga 734 Underwood Rd Rochedale
This workshop is open to people who have an interest in yoga, and improving their movement – moving with less pain. This is NOT a therapy workshop to address specific health or pain issues, but rather to learn more about pain, how you can use breathing to modify the pain experience, and the 5 principles of moving with ease. We will delve into an important aspect of yoga – learning the art of self regulation.
Research has shown athletes with poor self regulation (self monitoring) were 4.6 times more likely to suffer an over use injury…
Moving well requires 3 key skills:
Correct mind frame
Correct conditioning
Correct skills
We apply the principles & skills to some simple yoga & daily life moves.
Move more naturally – feel better than you have in years
Learn  the inner secrets to managing pain
Discover simple movement strategies to take with you anywhere
Use yoga as a “natural medicine” to help with healing…
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