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Tai Core

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Tai Chi like principles. A great class for balance, CORE, posture, strength, breathing, and includes Meditation.

Also helpful for people with arthritis and wanting to reduce falls risk.

Learn with an experienced and teacher in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Mon 14th Jan, 11am at Parooba Ave Camp Hill
Presented by Radhika Randall 30 + Years experience teaching Tai Chi

Only $135 for 9 lessons (or prorata)  $20 casual Phone to book for classes  07 3342 1480

Mantra Meditation Workshop

Find out how to practice the tantric way of mantra  meditation.

Learn about the powerful sound vibrations from the ancient Sanskrit, including the sounds, the Bija (base) mantra, and the longer transformational mantras.

Develop a regular meditation practice using mantra.

Mantra is a great alternative to MIndfulness Meditation.

Radhika & James have over 20 years practice with Mantra Meditation.

Presented by Radhika & James
Sat 25th May 2 to 4 pm
Parooba Ave Camp Hill

2 hrs $44

Bookings essential call 07 33421480

Yoga Nidra - Deep Relaxation

Enjoy this relaxing 90 minute workshop, learning how to incorporate Deep Relaxation Yoga Nidra into your lifestyle.  Suitable for all.
Especially helpful to:

• Deeply reduce stress & tension

• Calm & soothe the nervous system

• Promotes deep relaxation ( A common observation after practice is “I”ve never felt that relaxed!”)

• May help with trauma, PTSD, sleep deprivation, anxiety, chronic pain & much more

• Well Being!!!

What you will learn:

The 3 step process of Yoga Nidra

Learn 6 Senses Awareness Exercise

Calm deeply with 3 special breathing practices

A simple but deep Yoga Nidra practice you can do in 25 to 30 minutes…

Presented by Senior Yoga Teacher Radhika Randall (assisted by James Bone)
Date – To be advised
Investment $33

Repeat of the first successful workshop

Bookings 07 3342 1480