Yoga plus Therapies (ayur Yoga)

5 Ways to Strengthen your wrists

Strong flexible wrists help you to do all the things you want with your hands pain free & well eg driving, typing, sport, carrying things, cooking, and YOGA. Exercising your wrists helps to move the synovial fluids around your joints, to provide nutrition, and...

Good Food to Aid Healing

Do you know that your FOOD choices aid your performance, can help prevent injuries, and is an important aid to HEALING? So much confusing information out there, but it’s actually pretty easy really. Healthy nutrition is about understanding some simple basics, cooking...

Yoga for a better sleep

Up to 50% of people report having difficulties with sleep -  Not enough sleep, poor sleep, insomnia, or disturbed sleep ie due to medical or psychological issues. Sleep is important for our brain function, memory, learning & emotional health. Sleep is vital to our...

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