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10 secrets to Vitality & Staying Young

What keeps us youthful?
In reality this is a billion dollar question that many including science are searching.
When Radhika did her interviews of older adults who were still going strong over 80, she found a common element was having a passion, a special interest, as well as staying active mentally & physically.

To help unravel this secret it is worth while understanding what vitality means. Vita means “life”, and vitality is associated with life force, health and youthfulness.

So what what are the things you can do to keep your vitality strong?

Yoga can help you get a good night’s sleep

More than a third of Australian adults are not getting the sleep they need… nearly 80% of women say they have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep. A great remedy for a good night’s sleep could be yoga. But first let’s review a few truths about sleep. Sleep -...

Why You need to Strength Train… NOW! & How…

Due to our sedentary lifestyles many of us carry too much fat and don’t have enough muscle, and this ages us. Strength training can change this and keep us youthful. We lose strength as we get older. We lose strength by being inactive & sedentary. We lose strength...

A NEW way to resolve your Low Back Pain Issue

Low Back Pain is the most common musculoskeletal condition. You have probably experienced low back pain, or know some one who has had back pain. It can vary from a mild annoying ache to severe disabling spasms. Back Pain is now known as a BIOPSYCHOSOCIAL condition…   ...

A Little Known Secret to Success… Self Control!

What is Self Control? An easy example is the ability that even if you want it now, or want to express some emotion (which may be inappropriate), you can hold off, even when challenged. By holding off then things may work out better. For example, saying no to that...

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