Yoga plus Therapies (ayur Yoga)

Tips for COVID 19

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Stay Aware, Choose your actions, Think clearly

Err on the Side of Caution

Follow advice of public health /medical experts

Avoid online scammers & fake news

Be Compassionate to You & Others

Remember WISDOM – this too shall pass


!eg,AVOID sitting too much – get up & move about. Enjoy the garden…

Practice long slow breathing regularly.

Stay as active as you can – aim for 30 mins of Moderate Exercise (ME) or 10 to 15 mins of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) a few days per week. 

You can do home based exercise, or if government permits exercise in your neighbourhood or close by parks. Remember to keep 2m distance from others – but it’s OK to say HI…

Keep SAFE – do exercise you usually do – this is not the time to start new things eg biking if you don’t ride. We don’t need to jam emergency services with extra accidents!

Youtube(& others) offers some great exercise options but remember to do exercises related to your health & fitness level. Find fun things to do – there are also good dance options online.

We will offer some simple home based exercise program using body weight tailored to older bodies in the coming weeks. Try Bob & Brad Physiotherapy – search for short exercise programs.



Eat Well – good time to try tasty vegetarian food. Time to cook yummy interesting food. Eat lots of coloured  veggies & fruit. Avoid high sugar, high processed, & high unhealthy fat foods.

AVOID too much alcohol & toxins – it’s not the time to drink too much (never the time to drink too much!)

Get some sunlight & Vitamin D…

Keep HYDRATED – drink enough fluids & keep skin & mucous membranes moist.

Enjoy REJUVENATING QUALITY SLEEP – you need at least 7 hours or more…

MENTAL HEALTH TIPS including yoga

Physical Distancing & Home Isolation can be challenging mentally for some people.

I myself find it challenging. The first step is always just to acknowledge the truth “I feel uncomfortable, but I can make the best of the situation.”

Mental Health is important for immune health & also for long term well being.

Stay informed about COVID 19 but don’t over do it – you don’t need to hear every news cast!

Seek Online counselling support if you need extra help.

Things which help include:

Yoga – yoga can be great – you can do your own practice, practice from a youtube class ie like our own channel, or try a live online class – we plan to run these classes soon.

Keep it safe, move with ease & go at your level… Some online classes are designed for young bodies & ninjas! Remember our yoga is designed with the older body in mind.

Simple Meditation – 5 to 20 mins – not too long especially if you are not used to meditating. Unsure how? Go to our meditation page, try online classes or give us a call for online classes.

Finding some retreat time in the midst of all that is happening is restful…

Staying Active & playing with movement can be fun…

Seek out the positive in things.

Staying connected with others via phone, social media, apple facetime (worked great with my own family), talking to neighbours from a 2m distance, and so forth.


Online learning ie,



Looking at movies – but remember to get up & move

Learning something new ie art

Working on the thing you didn’t have time for before…

Clean up those things which badly need it

Work on rejuvenation or renovation

Getting your business going in a new way

Playing games

Finding fun things to do

Most important maintain a timetable or diary – exercise when you normally would, work when you normally would, clean when you normally would. Establish a routine and it will help…

Don’t over do it – take your time


Be aware that in this time of increased computer & online use due to COVD 19, there are many more scammers, hackers & viruses around.

Stay computer/phone/pad safe by keeping your devices system up to date, & use a quality & reliable virus, malware, and ransomeware software.

If working from home, check with your workplace IT, that all is OK with your systems.

AVOID clicking on unknown emails or websites & always check the browser or email address is correct.

When using Online Sources check they are reliable, secure, and use encryption.

Finally be aware internet may be a little taxed & go slow so be patient. If you don’t need to be on, then give space to others.

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