Strong flexible wrists help you to do all the things you want with your hands pain free & well eg driving, typing, sport, carrying things, cooking, and YOGA. Exercising your wrists helps to move the synovial fluids around your joints, to provide nutrition, and strengthens the muscles & connective tissue to be more resilient. Try these 5 ways now and see how great your wrists can feel:

1 Wrist Mobilising – Make open fists and circle your wrists fully 5 to 10 times in one direction then reverse it.

2 Squeezing – Use a Squeezy Ball, or Grip strengthener. Slowly squeeze, hold a few seconds then relax. Repeat 5 to 20 times. Be mindful to slightly extend your wrist, and keep it mid aligned.

3 Tiger Claws – Place your hands on a firm surface with fingers apart. Curl the tips of the fingers & thumbs in towards each other, so the tips rest to the surface, tenting your hand palms up – like cat claws. Hold a few seconds & then relax. Repeat 5 to 10 times slowly.

4 Hand Weight Bearing – Place hands on a firm surface aligning to your shoulders with arms straight & elbows off lock. Start on wall, move to bench, then hands & knees on floor, finally plank position. Try with fingers forward, outward & backward. Could also try with wrists flexed so weight is on back palms.

NInja level people could try a hand stand!

Progress Exercise over time as you get stronger:

Practice either isometrically holding stable for 5 to 20 seconds OR moving dynamically in & out of position 5 to 10 times.

5 Practice with Good Intention – With any exercise or activity keep good alignment of the hand and wrist neutral so that it feels comfortable & not too much pressure to any one area. Relax any excess tension in your body. Pain can make you weak!

Take Home Message– If you don’t strengthen then you only get weaker…

If you have wrist pain, seek professional guidance such as physiotherapy.