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It all works better when we Move!!!

√ Think tall – avoid slumping, work against gravity – preserve your body height for a longer life. Feel your mood lifted instantly.

√ Move with ease – free up your stiffness, move your lymph.

√ Move unconsciously the way the body wants to move – Move naturally & functionally – not just in fixed patterns or gym based sequences.

√ Stomp your feet – for your bones & your brain, by improving circulation & releasing the hormone “osteocalcin” which improves memory & brain power, especially in older people.

√ Move forward to solve your problems – takes your mind to a better place, shuts down your forebrain so you can become more creative. TRY it: move forward under your own steam – walk, run, cycle, kayak, to calm the mind & be open to new ideas. (60% better than just sitting).
Does a moving meeting sound better than a sitting one?

√ Be strong to be useful – with strength training you can feel 40% more confident & feel more effective in life. Feel capable & in control – the opposite of anxiety. You can strengthen with high loads & low frequency (heavy loads need good technique) or low loads & high frequency (light = less risk).

√ Bring together – eg move in synchrony with a group.

√ Move to stretch the fascia – for immune health & reduced inflammation in your body tissues.

√ Stretch & lengthen to reset your body tone & reduce tension – just yawn & stretch.

√ Stay elastic powerful – to reduce falls, injury & strains.

√ Build core for stress management (& posture) – engaging the core, smiling more & letting your stress go…

 Breathe slowly through your nose – for calm focus or to transform your “default” busy mind.

Meditate with body mindfulness – perform slow conscious movement to calm your nervous system. Awaken your senses & bring them all together to feel better.

√ Free your mind through trance inducing rhythmic dance – even run or walk – let yourself wander.

 Learn through doing – gain through experience, not just thinking.

√ Keep up low level movements throughout the day – we genetically are meant to move for well being. So take ‘Movement Snacks’ throughout the day!!!

 Start young – educate your kids on basic self movement care.

Try body based therapy – embody yourself to be transformed.
Do some cardio – at least brisk walking, cycling, swimming.

√ Push yourself a little –  move faster, more power (but stay safe by, checking with health professional, taking baby steps & giving yourself time to adapt) – INTERVAL training can be a great way to do this.

√ Recover – centre, tune in to your self, relax, sleep well, relax in nature or near water, after moving…

Choose to move!!!
From “Move – The new science of Body over Mind – Caroline Williams 2021”