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About Our Hatha Yoga

We provide boutique Hatha Yoga Classes, Private Yoga Sessions, Corporate Yoga, Yoga Therapy, and Physiotherapy to Brisbane Southside. We are located in relaxed leafy Camp Hill.

Enjoy yoga with Radhika & James (also physiotherapy)


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Our hatha yoga

R & J

We teach hatha yoga for normal people, especially over 40s!

Easy Hatha Yoga, a little Tantric in nature, meaning it is yoga suited to all people – we welcome beginners & people who are less fit.

You learn about your bodies, become more intouch, and get stronger & more mobile.

You may even learn to discover a bit more about your inner TRUTH.

Our Goal is well being & to have a greater Healthspan – living well for longer…

We focus on health & well being. We don’t just want a longer lifespan, but need a longer healthspan – staying well for our whole life.

With OUR Hatha Yoga:

Learn to relax, find stillness & calm by:

Intelligent Progression of your practice.

Modifying the practice for your needs, fitness & health status.

Learning to feel safe in your body, releasing tension & moving with comfort.

Bringing your awareness into the BODY.

Bringing your awareness to the BREATH.

Bringing awareness to all the SENSES.

Bringing awareness to the FEELINGS.

Centering your self.

Grounding your self.

Developing mobility & strength.

Learning Self Regulation

Benefits of Yoga

  • It brings you out of your head & back into the body eg brings you present.

• It develop your awareness

• It develops your breathing.

• From age of 20 to 49 and ongoing we all start to loose mobility – you need a mobility practice to maintain your range of motion, and movement ease. We would all benefit from being able to get up & down from the floor when we are 90.

• It teaches you how to use your muscles & body in a healthy

• It improves core, posture & stability

• It works on your balance

• It helps you to reduce discomfort and even tolerate pain better – their a specific change in the Insula the part of the brain that interprets internal landscape & integrates internal sensations with what is going on outside. Improving our interoceptor awareness (our inner sense of the body) and make better judgements about pain.

eg helps you cope better with discomfort.

• It improves your mood.

• It relaxes you and helps you to release unconscious tensions.

• It can help reduce inflammation.

• Improves your sleep.

• You learn to focus & hold your attention better.

• It can lead to self mastery.

• Brings Community by practicing together as group.

• Aids brain plasticity – the Brain responds to challenges – in yoga we challenge the breathing, the body, sensory awareness, balance, movement to follow along more complex movement routines and so fourth.

Finally it TAPS into the brain circuits which help with life experience – it cultivate brain functions to reduce stress, reduce or cope with pain, improve range of motion, move & control your brain better.

Fun History of Yoga

  • SHIVA – Once upon time there was the first & great yogi called SHIVA… he danced the first yoga posture… demo – unknown origin.

  • Indus Valley civilisation – Harappa & Mohenjodaro – Around 5000 years ago in Northern India was a great civilisation in the Indus Valley (now Pakistan) – a civilisation called Mohenjodaro & Harappa, where they discovered statues representing yoga postures. A seal of Pashupati in Yoga cross-sit. Yes, yoga appears to be pretty old.

  • The Vedas – The sages got together and recorded wise knowledge in books called the Veda. The word yoga was first mentioned in the most ancient sacred text called the Rig Veda. The Vedas are a set of four ancient sacred texts written in Sanskrit.

  • The Upanishads & Om – From this a short version called the  Upanishads – composed from the 5th to the 2nd centuries BC – here we are first introduced to the concept of OM – universal sound -The word OM is so much powerful that this single word can produce powerful and positive vibrations which allows you to feel the whole universe. It has the start, continuation and end and silence of sound vibration. An affirmation of life – Yes!

  • Patanjali & The Yoga Sutras – This was all a bit much and man called Patanjali put together concise book called the YOGA SUTRA… dated from 2nd century BCE to 2nd century AD. Approx the same time as the Buddha (563 -483 BC) and Alexander the Great (336-323 BC).   

  • Monks vs Householders – Tantra & Abhinavagupta – This really suited the monks, but what about all the others – so started TANTRA in early AD – this is where the chakra come from. We will do a meditation about this later. – Abhinavagupta was a philosopher & mystic who exerted strong influences on Indian culture from the Kashmir Shaivism tradition (980-1020 AD)

  • Overlap of traditions & the great travels overseas – travel to Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, China. Shaolin monks from Bodhidharma in the (300-500 AD. )Yoga overlaps with many of the ancient Indian traditions eg. Martial arts, dance, music, architecture, etc.

  • Hatha Yoga, body health & energy health – They began to appreciate how important body health was in the process of yoga – so HATHA YOGA rose in prominence. Hatha relates to sun (ha) & moon (tha) and also movement of energy through the body  – it’s about inner balance – middle ages. Naths (Gorakhnath, Matsyendranath) & Swatmarama.

  • Swami Vivekananda & the West – A big conference in the 1890s saw yogi called Vivekananda introduce yoga to the west.

  • Early 20th century – Krisnamacharya & his 3 main students – A few yogis began spread yoga left India to spread out into west in early 20th century  – Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois & Desikachar

  • Late 20th century – Trendy with Madonna in the 90s – Yoga became trendy with Madonna in the 90s.
  • 2015 – Mainstream – 170 countries agree to International Yoga day June 21 st – Now   yoga is mainstream – in around 2015 over 170 countries including Australia agreed to the establishment of World Yoga Day – in celebration of all the benefits yoga can give the world. Yoga is accepted in most cultures through out the world.

Finding Balance & Peace

“Ha tha” translates like sun & moon – in our yoga practice & in life we desire to find a place of balance & harmony between the extremes – both too much & too little can cause problems. Life constantly throws us out of balance. Through hatha yoga practice you can find the sweet spot in the middle.

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I can’t sufficiently tell you how much I love your yoga classes... I’m just so grateful to have those to look forward to.

– S J

Thanks Radhika and James. It certainly was a great workshop! Privileged and blessed to have teachers that keep up with the latest advanced thinking on yoga and health. Yours in Yoga

– J

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