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YOGA brings CONNECTIONConnection is essential to WELL BEING & STRESS RESILIENCE.

HATHA brings BALANCE, ENERGY & PHYSICALITY to Yoga (& our lives).

EMBODIMENT brings us HOME to our bodies through AWARENESS & GROUNDING.

OUR Yoga is much more than physical exercise

It is a complete system of EMBODIMENT.

It starts with CENTRING & GROUNDING.

It explores your BREATHING bringing you to a state of inner calm & balance.

It expands your AWARENESS of body, breath, mind, feeling & energy.

It takes you to place of being IN TOUCH with your Body so you can better know yourself.

It builds an ENERGETIC STRONG MOBILE  body, restoring control of your movement, balance & posture.

It teaches you how to SELF REGULATE – when you feel stressed, tense, overwhelmed, you will know how to restore balance and RELAX deeply.

It develops RESILIENCE, Focus, and shows you anyone can Meditate.

AND IT KEEPS YOU YOUTHFUL – Living Younger Longer….


Join a class today.

We WELCOME Newbies (Beginners) to Yoga Classes.

If classes are not for you, try a Personalised 30 minute Yoga session.

We can come to your Business.

Or we can even provide you an online ZOOMIE session!


AND IF YOU ARE OLDER or HAVE A BIT of a MEDICAL ISSUE or INJURY we also welcome you, as EMBODIED HATHA YOGA is designed for you and can be adapted to your needs – Living Well Younger for Longer.

We have great experience & depth in our yoga teaching - Yes 25 years!

It certainly was a great workshop! Privileged and blessed  to have teachers that keep up with the latest advanced thinking on yoga and health. 

Yours in Yoga 
Peace Jane 

The workshop was fantastic – we both gained practical instruction on how to improve our poses for many common asanas. We will be back for the next one.

Emma and Andrew
The Yoga Challenge 2020 – I find it inspiring!

“Although I moved to Far South Coast NSW 5 years ago, I still love getting your newsletters, and keep a lot of the advice for reference and use. In these times it is amazing how positive actions are being taken and the Zoom Yoga is a great idea. I was thinking that it is a good thing (even when physical classes are resumed), because it gives people who are remote or do not have a local Yoga teacher a chance to join in. It is better than just using a video because it can be interactive.”

Lynn Lawson

“Thank you so much for tips and great classes on the yoga channel. They are really helpful at this scary time. I am enjoying them immensely, I have several members of my family doing them too and we text each other when we have done completed one and it has become an important connection for us.
So grateful.”

Ann Marie

Have you got Aches & Pains, a Movement Problem, or Want a SPECIAL Exercise or Yoga Program just for you? Then….

James can help you with his boutique personalised one hour Physiotherapy session.

James provides a unique HOLISTIC, gentle & painless PHYSIOTHERAPY / YOGA approach especially suited to injured, overloaded, stressed or achy bodies.

Yoga Therapy


Exercise Therapy

Bowen Therapy

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A Special Yoga Class in this time of COVID 19 Virus – support your vitality & immunity

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