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Yoga is both the art & science of awakening body, mind & consciousness

Yoga reminds us that all is connected, so we move, breathe, and live our lives with awareness. Yoga is about getting back to your true you.

Yoga is more than physical exercise

Asana & Vinyasa – are the physcial exercises & movement drills to condition your body & learn to move with ease & relaxation.

Pranayama – is the manipulation of breath, especially SLOWING the breath to improve lung capacity, improve endurance, and calm the mind & nervous system.

Systematic Conscious Relaxation – to undo the knots of physical and emotional tension, and bring your awarness inward.

Self Regulation – the ability to modulate yourself – mind & body – to thing going around you ie calming down after something stressful.

Meditation – time to go within to become more calm & still, to get to know your true self, and counter the stressful adverse effects of constant mind wandering.

Yoga is for Every One, especially when you are over 40

Ditch your health concerns & start living.

Remember 60 is the new 40 – be mobile, strong & vital. Yoga can help you stay ageless after 40.

With every decade yoga can help you re-invent yourself.

The yoga can be modified to suit your health & fitness needs.

Men & Women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s & beyond enjoy our classes.


We have great experience & depth in our yoga teaching - Yes 25 years!

It certainly was a great workshop! Privileged and blessed  to have teachers that keep up with the latest advanced thinking on yoga and health. 

Yours in Yoga 
Peace Jane 

The workshop was fantastic – we both gained practical instruction on how to improve our poses for many common asanas. We will be back for the next one.

Emma and Andrew
The Yoga Challenge 2020 – I find it inspiring!

Move with ease & less pain

James can help you to get  moving well again with less pain & stiffness. Boutique personalised one hour therapy sessions available for your needs.

Yoga Therapy


Exercise Therapy

Bowen Therapy

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