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About Our Hatha Yoga

We provide boutique Hatha Yoga Classes, Private Yoga Sessions, Corporate Yoga, Yoga Therapy, and Physiotherapy to Brisbane Southside. We are located in relaxed leafy Camp Hill.

Enjoy yoga with Radhika & James (also physiotherapy)


Feeling musculoskeletal aches & pains, spinal pain, breathing issues, or needing a program to address your chronic issue like arthritis or osteoporosis Call James for a Physiotherapy/Bowen Session!


Our hatha yoga

R & J

We teach hatha yoga for normal people, maybe a little older!

Easy Hatha Yoga, a little Tantric in nature, meaning it is yoga suited to all people – we welcome beginners & people who are less fit.

You learn about your bodies, become more intouch, and get stronger & more mobile.

You may even learn to discover a bit more about your inner TRUTH.

Our Goal is well being & to have a greater Healthspan – living well for longer…

We focus on health & well being. We don’t just want a longer lifespan, but need a longer healthspan – staying well for our whole life.

With OUR Hatha Yoga:

Learn to relax, find stillness & calm by:

Intelligent Progression of your practice.

Modifying the practice for your needs, fitness & health status.

Learning to feel safe in your body, releasing tension & moving with comfort.

Bringing your awareness into the BODY.

Bringing your awareness to the BREATH.

Bringing awareness to all the SENSES.

Bringing awareness to the FEELINGS.

Centering your self.

Grounding your self.

Developing mobility & strength.

Learning Self Regulation

Finding Balance & Peace

“Ha tha” translates like sun & moon – in our yoga practice & in life we desire to find a place of balance & harmony between the extremes – both too much & too little can cause problems. Life constantly throws us out of balance. Through hatha yoga practice you can find the sweet spot in the middle.

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Hatha yoga classes we offer at Camp Hill

Beginners Welcome

Monday 9.30 am

Hatha Yoga

Monday 10.45 am

Bones of Steel Yoga & Qigong

Wednesday 7 pm

Hatha Yoga

Thursday 9.30 am

Easy Hatha Yoga

Thursday 6.30 pm

Easy Hatha Yoga

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I can’t sufficiently tell you how much I love your yoga classes... I’m just so grateful to have those to look forward to.

– S J

Thanks Radhika and James. It certainly was a great workshop! Privileged and blessed to have teachers that keep up with the latest advanced thinking on yoga and health. Yours in Yoga

– J

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