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Hi my name is James

and I would like to offer YOU Boutique Physiotherapy with one hour appointments devoted just to You. 

I can provide: 

Evidence Based Physiotherapy  

Pain Management Guidance  

Chronic Condition Management

Osteoporosis & its Prevention

Whole Body Mind Approaches:  

Clinical Yoga (Yoga Therapy)  

Bowen Therapy 

Gravity Fit Conditioning Exercises 

Strength Training 

These may be able to relieve your Stress & Restore Balance to your Body & Mind. 

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Clinical Yoga (Yoga Therapy)

A complimentary approach using the full tool kit of yoga to help in the management of health conditions. Clinical Yoga focuses on the person, not the health disorder (see more below). Yoga is a process, a gaining of awareness, learning what you need, and eventually self mastery over your sufffering.

My Qualifications & Memberships

James Bone

BSc (Human Movement), BApp Sc (Physiotherapy), Dip Bowen Therapy, Adv Cert Ayurveda

As a Physiotherapist/Yoga Therapist I may be able to Help you with these

I can assess your problem & help you explore options

Musculoskeletal Conditions

This may include: Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Jaw Pain, Shoulder Pain, Hip Pain, Knee Pain, Foot Pain, Injuries, Strains, & Sprains

Management of musculoskeletal conditions will depend on the problem. However, certain  factors may be helpful: 

• Getting EDUCATION about your problem. It can help you to feel better, when you understand what is going on.

• Understanding about LOADING. Doing too much, too soon, can over load body structures and lead to problems. Additionally if you have a problem, you may need to reduce loading that area to aid its recovery eg avoid running with a swollen ankle sprain.

• Correct use of EXERCISE & finding comfortable ways to STAY ACTIVE

• Education of PAIN SCIENCE (see next column)

• OTHER – In some situations “Hands On” treatment tools, correcting technique, improving posture, or use of supports, like taping, may be indicated.

• Rehabilitation following an injury, fracture, or post musculoskeletal surgery may also be required.

Also Complementary support with Clinical YOGA may help for some people

Pain Conditions

This may include Chronic Pain problems such as chronic back, neck or jaw (TMJ) pain, & some types of headache, but can be relevant to any condition associated with pain.

Pain is a complex thing. Pain & body tissue damage are separate things.

Pain is a phenomenon of our brain. It occurs when our brain feels threatened. 

Pain can occur when you injure yourself. This makes sense, as it helps to protect you from further injury.

However, you can have body damage & little or no pain. For example people can have joint degeneration on Xray, yet experience no pain.

Alternatively you can have PAIN without body damage. This is what happens in Chronic Pain. Chronic Pain is a disorder of Pain, not the body tissues.

“I agree this can be hard to understand. You can be hurting in your back, so it must be a back problem. However pain science suggest the source may be found else where”

EDUCATION about PAIN SCIENCE can be a helpful strategy to manage pain. Additionally understanding the relevant factors which can affect pain, including our STRESS, our “feelings & mood”, our beliefs & fears about the problem, how overly focusing on pain can be aggravating, and other factors in our life, which may also be contributing to the pain output by your brain. This is where yoga may be a helpful tool to provide some relief from your suffering.

More about Chronic Pain from Dr Lorimer Moseley

Chronic Conditions

This can include Osteoarthritis, Inflammatory Arthtritis, and may even include some aspects of Heart Disease, Cancer, Respiratory Disorders & Type 2 Diabetes.

Again management of these conditions will depend on individual factors, but there are some key things which may help:

• EDUCATION about the chronic disorder. It is important you understand what your options are, and so you can make the right decisions for yourself. Be prepared to ask questions.

• Physical Activity & EXERCISE management

• WEIGHT Management

• HEALTHY Lifestyle

• OTHER – such as the use of support devices

Some of the challenges with Chronic Disorders is that management may require lifestyle changes, and the process is ongoing. It can be hard to stay motivated & on track. This is where your physiotherapist can act as your guide or coach, where you can check back with, as you need.

Also Complementary support with Clinical YOGA may help for some people.

Osteoarthritis Info


Osteoporosis - Keeping your Bones Strong

This may include osteopenia, osteoporosis, and anyone wanting to prevent these conditions, or work on countering issues associated with ageing.

Osteoporosis is a condition where the bones lose bone mass & strength, as we get older. It is non painful, but the danger is associated with increased risk of bone fractures, especially of the spine & hip. This can be painful, leading to lost independence, and even earlier death.

This is PREVENTABLE, so management aims to reduce your risk of fracturing.

One line of management is with Medication (see your doctor).

However, there are non medication based strategies which include:

• Building strong Bones (& muscles) with EXERCISE

• Maintaining GOOD Posture avoiding developing a hunched upper back

• Improving BALANCE & other strategies to prevent falls

Clinical Yoga may be one way to achieve this, and there is growing evidence to support the use of yoga for bone health. Addtionally often one of the side effects of yoga is well being – you feel better after practice.

Yoga, Bones & the Research

Body & Mind Well Being

I can provide Complementary Tools to reduce STRESS & RESTORE balance to YOU

Bowen Therapy

 A gentle hands on treatment, which speaks to the brain, nervous system, & other systems to aid in your recovery and healing. It is relaxing, aids your sleep, and helps you to feel better. It is based upon the original Bowtech System, as developed by Tom Bowen, and taught by Ossie & Elaine Rentsch. James has a Diploma in Bowen Therapy.

Clinical Yoga (Yoga Therapy)

Clinical Yoga  is a powerful whole body and mind process, using yoga practices, breathing, relaxation & meditation, to restore harmony, health & wellbeing to yourself. It may help address particular health disorders, especially related to STRESS or pain. The yoga is adjusted for your needs & your specific health condition, which makes it different to normal yoga. Clinical Yoga can be a great complement to other medical therapies. It can also be a way to reduce stiffness in your joints, restore flexibility to your muscle connective tissue fascia system, and improve core stability.

GravityFit Postural Exercise

Gravity Fit is a process developed by Dr Caroline Richardson to improve posture and core muscle function to protect our joints, bones and muscles from strain & pain. It can be a great complement to your rehabilitation, if you have an injury, musculoskeletal problem, postural problem, pain, or arthritis.