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Tai Core

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Tai Chi like principles. A great class for balance, CORE, posture, strength, breathing, and includes Meditation.

Also helpful for people with arthritis and wanting to reduce falls risk.

 Learn with an experienced and teacher in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Mon 16 April to 4 June 11am at Parooba Ave Camp Hill
Presented by Radhika Randall 30 + Years experience teaching Tai Chi

Only $150 for 10 lessons (or prorata)  $20 casual

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Yoga Nidra - Deep Relaxation

Enjoy this relaxing 90 minute workshop, learning how to incorporate Deep Relaxation Yoga Nidra into your lifestyle.
Suitable for all.
Especially helpful if you

Presented by Senior Yoga Teacher Radhika Randall
Saturday 23 June 2pm to 3.30pm
Investment $33

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Strength Training - The Integrated Way Workshop

NEW Strength Training – The Integrative Way using resistance bands (or pullies), and free weights – this is a quick efficient way to strength training incorporating exercises which co-ordinate and train the lower body, core/spine, and upper body together as “one”, in an integrated way.

Requires a little practice but feels great and can give great functional strength results for every day life and sports.

Strengthen in an efficient way working lower limbs, core & upper limbs in a co-oridnated way. i.e. combining a squat with row action

This is a functional & fun way to train using resistance bands, free weights or pulley’s.
Focusing on rhythm & flow.

√ Good for strengthening your muscles, bones, connective tissue, spine & core.
√ An aid to sport.
√ An important part of well being as we get older.

Come along for this 3 hour introductory workshop.
Strength classes may follow.

Taught by physiotherapist James Bone
Saturday 26 May 2 to 5 pm  at Parooba Ave Camp Hill
Investment $66

Bands and door jam supports available for purchase

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