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Did you know...

You don’t need to be flexible to do yoga.

Yoga is actually a great way to gain mobility & improve strength.

What’s more…

Yoga Helps you to FEEL GREAT.

For Yoga & Yoga Classes at CAMP HILL, & Brisbane Southside

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Hi, we're Radhika & James

We are Senior Yoga Teachers, Therapists, and authors of the Book “Yoga +”.

We have been teaching yoga to people like you for over 20 years.

We understand you may be stiff or unfit.

You may have a medical condition or injury*

You may be over 40…

Alternatively you may have many years experience with yoga.

We would love you to come to our yoga classes or our personalised private yoga sessions.

We have developed a unique process of 3 levels (or more) of practice, which means the yoga can be modified to your ability.

What’s more  at the start of the class we always ask “What do you want to work on today”. The yoga class is for you…

*You should always check with your health practitioner that yoga is suitable for you


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Why Us

Great Yoga Classes

To get you stronger, mobile, calmer, well…

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Personalised Yoga

A yoga practice tailored to your goals with individual attention from your yoga teacher.

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Corporate Yoga

We come to you. Providing a yoga class adapted to your workplace or community needs.

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Clinical Yoga

Yoga to help you manage Health Conditions (Yoga Therapy)

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"Bones of Steel" Yoga Course for Bones

Do you want to keep your bones strong, and prevent Osteoporosis?

Learn the principles you can apply to YOGA to building strong bones, & protecting yourself from disabling fractures later in life. This course is suited to anyone over 40.

Next course 2018 – More info soon!


Tai Core Mondays 11 am

Meditation Core Balance & more at Parooba Ave Camp Hill

For bookings call 07 3342 1480

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